Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Hey ho

Here are a few fashion illustrations that I did ages ago, the qualities not great but hey ho !

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Ink Me

This is the s/s 2008 campaign for DVF by Francios Marie-Banier staring Natalia Vodianova. The inky splatters, drips and brush strokes bring the images to life. The words add context and a narrative which combined with the vibrant colours of the spectacularly applied ink create a multi dimension and stunning campaign.

Cut and Paste

This is a video that Damien Blottiere and Robbie Spencer did to capture Calvin Kleins elegant minimalism.

I love its effective simpleness and haunting eeriness which the accompanying music only enhances. 

It's a must watch ! 

Saturday, 25 December 2010

a long long time ago . . .

I was looking through my GCSE arts pieces the other day and I when I looked at my final piece the feelings elation and proudness when I finished it came back to me. So I thought I would share it with you.

Me being all creative and that !

Here are a couple recent paintings I have done for my A-level art course. They are of my granny and I have used bit of materials stuck on the canvas that have some connection to my granny with acrylic paint on top. My inspirations were painters Alice Neel and Julian Schnabel.
Materials stuck on : My first but of knitting which my granny taught me to do. A bit of a dress which looks like a doily, which my Granny has spotted around her house. Bits of wicker matts that remind me of these straw hats that me and my cousins used to wear at her house. And bits of blankets, you know those woollen ones which have the wholes on that babies get ? Well they remind me of staying at my Grannies house when I was little as she would always have them on the beds.
I hope you enjoy.

Secret Santa !

My friends and I went out  on thursday evening for a meal to hand out our secret santa gifts, it was lovely seeing all girls despite the rare lack of alcohol as I was driving. I that feeling of love round a table of friends.

Here is my present

The Many Faces of Tanya Rose

My friend tanya is a genuinely beautiful girl but when we went for a meal the other night with the girls, to hand out secret santa pressies, my childish side came out. I spent most of the time taking pictures of tanya when she was least expecting it which resulted in the most unflattering photos, even though I found this highly amusing she didn't seem to. I wonder why ??

Here is a beautiful one ! 

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Twinlke Twinkle little star . . .

I found photographer Sofia Ajram on the dazed and confused website. This is what Garrett Faber has to say about her;
"Sofia Ajram started humbly enough, growing up in Aurora, Ontario, "the middle of nowhere". The quiet and cold isolation of her surroundings led to her increasing interest in creating things and learning stories of occult magic; now she's pretty popular thanks to her surreal and beautiful images of beautiful women, dramatic tension, and lucid/dreamy landscapes. In her conversation with Dazed, Arjam discusses books, nightmares and sexuality..."

I just think they are absolutely magical.

Douglas Gordon

Here is the artist who was my inpiration for my barbie burning. Through his work he explores the idea of excessive adoration, accidental mutilation of iconic images and the theme of iconoclasm. In each portrait, the eyes have been cut from the face and the remaining features burned almost past recognition. Behind each of the reworked portraits is a mirrored surface that challenges the viewer to look beyond the photographic remains.The burnt remains leave a shocking and eerie aftermath.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Ron, Ron, Ron Weasly

Finally went to see the recent Harry Potter film. All I want to say is I LOVE RON !

Vintage Darling

Just popped to Leeds today with a good friend aimee long. I was meant be buying christmas presents for my parents but ended up buying these 2 vintage finds. oooops.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Smoke and Mirrors

I found these images on BOOOOOOOM ! They are by Stuart Pillinger and are absolutlely beautiful.

Fancy a barbie-Q ?

These are some photos to support a video project I am doing in photography, the burning images are to do with iconoclasm / destroying icons, which i have been looking at recently. Barbies are an iconic child's toy to me as they were a favourite toy of my childhood. Also barbies represent stereotypical beauty and body shape, skinny waist, big boobs, blues eyes, long legs and blonde hair, which many people idolise and obsess over. There will be a video to follow of the actual burning.

Girls, Girls, Girls

This is me and my friends enjoying a bit of wine and posing, nothing like a bit of fun with your friends at christmas.