Saturday, 25 December 2010

Me being all creative and that !

Here are a couple recent paintings I have done for my A-level art course. They are of my granny and I have used bit of materials stuck on the canvas that have some connection to my granny with acrylic paint on top. My inspirations were painters Alice Neel and Julian Schnabel.
Materials stuck on : My first but of knitting which my granny taught me to do. A bit of a dress which looks like a doily, which my Granny has spotted around her house. Bits of wicker matts that remind me of these straw hats that me and my cousins used to wear at her house. And bits of blankets, you know those woollen ones which have the wholes on that babies get ? Well they remind me of staying at my Grannies house when I was little as she would always have them on the beds.
I hope you enjoy.

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