Friday, 31 August 2012

Ikea hell

So off we popped to Ikea to buy all my uni shit. I was very excited to go as I thought I loved Ikea. However going with the whole family maybe wasn't such a good idea. Mum and dad don't work so well together in this situation and the arguing started about 5 minutes into the epic buying mission. Then it turned out my sister needed stuff for her room and I got worried that she had taken over my trip to Ikea as people seemed more interested in getting stuff for her, I thought it was meant to be alll aboutt meee. As you can tell my childish temper tantrum side came out slightly.

Then we had to go through all the show rooms first and I was getting worried, where's the bit where I can actually get my stuff and put it in the trolley? Then it was ok we got to the 'market place' where I could eventually start choosing things. However it got slightly overwhelming as there was just too much stuff I need and so much choice. I felt like I was going to have a mental break down in the middle of Ikea when we were chosing cutlery and dad was testing each different type of cutlery for it's bendyness as he couldn't bare to think of me in my halls eating my dinner with a fork that was going to bend.

Anyway we got to the warehouse type bit where you pick up larger bits of furniture and you pay and the end was insight. We picked up this mirror which mum had chosen and took everything to pay. Then dad told mum she couldn't have her mirror as it wouldn't fit in the car, mum was not amused.

We put all the stuff in the car then had to drive to this over warehouse bit to pick up a desk for my sister. By now it was pouring it down and dad came out with this flat pack desk and it was huge. So it was another big task to get it to go into the car. I helped in the pouring rain and by the time I got back in the car I was soaked, miserable and definitely ready for home.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Here are some instagrams of my little trip to south wales with my family to see my grandparents .
P.s I have an obsession with instagram

Monday, 27 August 2012

Made In Chelsea

So my move is officially on the countdown. I am moving 3 weeks today into the hustle and bustle of the big smoke which is London. This time next week I will be in my university halls in Southwark having met some complete strangers who I am going to live for at least one academic year.

Then I will embark on my freshers week for my starting at Chelsea College of Art and Design where I will hopefully complete my BA in Fine Art. God help my body as I know it will have deal with being poisoned from the large amounts of alcohol consumed.

I am looking forward to embarking on a new life, experiencing new things and meeting inspirational people. However as the time draws nearer I am getting apprehensive about my move. I live in a tiny village in Yorkshire so my surroundings will be a big change as well as the pace of life. Further more there is the worry about the general unknown, will I like who I'm living with? Will I make friends? Will I enjoy my course? Will I like where I live ?

I know ultimately I will be fine and I will make it work for me whatever happens, I just can't help but feel slightly nervous about leaving my safety net.

Plus I am leaving behind people that I am going to miss very much, who I love very much. Although as I have their complete support it does make that slightly easier and I know someone special is going to make the effort to see me which I very much appreciate.

Anyway I will stop waffling and just let you know that the picture at the top is where I will be studying, very nice isn't it !!! 

Pinch of salt

Wow check this bad boy out! These crazy floor patterns are made by Motoi Yamamoto by pouring salt on the floor. Watch the video at the bottom to see it in action. I know that guy on art attack used to do artworks by pouring salt but this is on another level.

I got mouths on my boobs

Drawings by Shashiko Yuen