Monday, 10 January 2011

I like to stuff dead animals

Polly Morgans desire to preserve animals lead to her use of taxidermy as an art form. She places these animals in unexpected scenery instead of displaying them in their traditional way. This lets you see these animals in a different way as if your are seeing them for the first time, so you can appreciate their real beauty.



  1. very interesting and unique. great blog!! You show some very great artwork here. :) will be following you( and thank you for commenting, hope you continue to follow)

  2. I saw you on IFB and and just wanted to check out your blog ! Nice :)Here's mine : it's a fashion blog, and i'm doing streetstyle pics in France !

  3. Fuck!! What an amazing use of taxidermi!
    I really love it!

  4. it's a bit creepy, but def interesting!