Thursday, 16 May 2013

Pippilotti Rist - I'm not the girl who misses much.

"In post-production the artist manipulated the video, speeding up and slowing down certain sequences of the footage and soundtrack so that her voice alternates between a high-pitched squeal and a funereal dirge. As Rist sings her energetic dancing causes her breasts to pop out of her dress. She bends and flails her arms and lifts her skirt above her head. She approaches the camera, flashing a wide lipsticked smile. As the soundtrack slows to a low moan, she slides down the wall almost off-camera, then re-emerges as the tempo picks up to a frenetic, cartoon-like pace. The comic sonic manipulations and endless repetition of the title phrase turn the words she is singing into a meaningless mantra.
Rist also modified the colour balance so that some sequences of the video appear as if seen through a red filter while other parts are washed in blue. As the work progresses the horizontal and vertical hold are increasingly distorted, fragmenting the image. A series of juddering freeze frames creates the appearance of a fluctuating line that punctuates the surface of the screen with the rhythmic cadence of a heart monitor. Rist intends these distortions to reflect subjective experience. She has said, ‘In I’m Not the Girl Who Misses Much, the ... use of different speeds is for me an exorcistic dance. When I present things in slow motion, I would say that’s “reality”, because our perception of time is subjective. When you’re nervous, a half hour can feel like an eternity, and when you’re feeling contemplative, it goes so fast. So time is extremely relative’ (quoted in Harris)." - Tate - Rachel Taylor
Pippilotti Rist is an artist that I have looking at due to her vast use of video installations, after I did the off sight exhibition it made me think more about how to show my work and I hate seen her show ‘Eye Ball Massage’ at the Hayward Gallery and she had many different ways of showing her pieces. Her piece “I’m not the girl who misses much’, made me think of the last two videos I have made. The video is heavily edited in postproduction altering the speed and colour and is highly repetitive. She intends these distortions to portray a subjective experience, which is now what I am trying to achieve in my videos.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Another new tester video

Here I have repeated a clip slowing it down progressively in each repeat. The movement and sound becomes more and more distorted, the movement is emphasised and exaggerated and the sound, especially the laugh turns from something light to something more sinister and disconcerting.

Here again I have slowed down and repeated the clip but also reversed 

New video

This is just another video testing out new footage ideally it would be played really loud and projected on a big screen

I have layered duplicated images and sounds, tested out using left to right panning with the sound, highly saturated it and altered the speed.

Something that I think is a problem with this is it's direct relationship to London and tourism and thats not something I want to necessarily be the focus. It's just that it happens to be that the busiest places seem to be well recognisable places. The location of the film isn't important to me.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


What are the aims, intentions and interests that you are exploring through your practice/written work?

                Starting to use my own footage and editing that, concentrating on clips I have filmed around London. I want to maybe capture how it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, isolating, disorientating with so much going on , a bit of a sensory overload maybe.
                So I want to edit the footage I have filmed to emphasize some of these aspects. At the moment this Is all just very experimental and a way to test things out to figure out what I want to concentrate on
Describe three issues in your practical/written work that you need to address and discuss in your tutorial.

    I need to look at some sort of film theory/history – any suggestions.
    How far should I tae the editing?
    Assessment – do I need to put up any photos?
    Any suggestions for further subjects to base films on. 
Agreed Actions (to be completed during or after your tutorial)
·       Look at flicker films again – peter gidal structural film making.
·       Look at more books - materiality of film – expanded film making/ cinema
·       Think about domestic movement , fiction
·       Gregor Scheidner – art angel whitechapel art gallery
·       Psychoanalysis and art. Freud – beyond the pleasure principle.

Monday, 13 May 2013

test for sound

Just learning how to make the sound change which side/speaker to come out of. Here I have just made the sound here pan from right to left. 

Things I need to do

  • Look into film theory 
  • learn how to do surround sound on final cut pro
  • try out more experiments with videos 
  • try and get a projector and see how the videos work with that.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

new work 2

This is the first kinda experimental video I have developed out of footage I took.

I layered sounds, layered duplicated footage, changed the brightness, contrast, increased the saturation and altered the speed.To try and heighten the disorientation, distortedness, alienation, overwhelmingness on the senses that I'm trying to show/emphasise.

Ideally I would like this to be played projected bigger so it was life size maybe with surrounding screens with projections on it and surround sound to encompass the audience. I would want it really loud so that it wouldn't be a pleasant experience for them and they wouldn't want to spend to much time with the piece. I think also the fact that the is no interaction

I think this is ok for a tester piece but I need to experiment with different footage and editing.

This is very different to my other pieces not just because I have filmed my own footage but because of the way it is filmed. The documentaries I have used the focus is on the person that is being interviewed and documented and the interviewer You are not really aware of the person behind the camera. However due to this being filmed in first person perspective, here you are very aware of the person behind the camera as it seems to be about the camera holder's/characters experience, its where they are looking at, what they are seeing. You get the camera shakes of them walking. Due to this, the audience more closely experiences the 'characters' experience, which is what I want.

Before I have dealt with quite hard hitting and serious issues but for these purposes I haven't, I wanted to start with something simple and see if I could create a similar effect to previous works.

New Work

I have decided that I need to now start making work using own footage rather than documentaries or existing footage. It is something I haven't really tried before in this sort of way and that's why I need to do it. I need to figure out if appropriation is an important part of my work or just something I have done now and need to move on.

I was really worried about taking this new step, scared because it would be totally my own work and in a way meant a lot more work for me. I know I can edit existing footage well. I needed to think of what I wanted to film what it was going to be about and then how I'm going to edit it.

I thought about interviewing interesting people and editing that, but that would mean I would have to think of questions and a person and set up the situation. That wasn't something i really wanted to do. I want to capture something naturally occurring and manipulate that.

I though about just filming things during my day. Maybe weird people and happenings in London. I thought about how sometimes London can seem a bit overwhelming - especially if you're tired, hungover and just having a bad day. There's so many sounds, so many people, so much traffic and it can sometimes bit a bit of a sensory overload that I just want to get away from. This isn't something that I think is a really strong idea or something I feel passionate about but I feel like I just need to start simple and work through things from there. So my next bits of work are really just testing things out and finding potential subjects that I may actually want to focus on. 

I filmed various things just on a hand held device. Here I just took a bit of footage walking down oxford street and sped it up just testing things. I like how with the camera shake from me walking at the people sped up creates a bit of a disorientating feel and slight feeling of motion sickness.