Sunday, 12 May 2013

New Work

I have decided that I need to now start making work using own footage rather than documentaries or existing footage. It is something I haven't really tried before in this sort of way and that's why I need to do it. I need to figure out if appropriation is an important part of my work or just something I have done now and need to move on.

I was really worried about taking this new step, scared because it would be totally my own work and in a way meant a lot more work for me. I know I can edit existing footage well. I needed to think of what I wanted to film what it was going to be about and then how I'm going to edit it.

I thought about interviewing interesting people and editing that, but that would mean I would have to think of questions and a person and set up the situation. That wasn't something i really wanted to do. I want to capture something naturally occurring and manipulate that.

I though about just filming things during my day. Maybe weird people and happenings in London. I thought about how sometimes London can seem a bit overwhelming - especially if you're tired, hungover and just having a bad day. There's so many sounds, so many people, so much traffic and it can sometimes bit a bit of a sensory overload that I just want to get away from. This isn't something that I think is a really strong idea or something I feel passionate about but I feel like I just need to start simple and work through things from there. So my next bits of work are really just testing things out and finding potential subjects that I may actually want to focus on. 

I filmed various things just on a hand held device. Here I just took a bit of footage walking down oxford street and sped it up just testing things. I like how with the camera shake from me walking at the people sped up creates a bit of a disorientating feel and slight feeling of motion sickness. 

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