Saturday, 29 December 2012

Hilary Lloyd

In my tutorial it was suggested I look at Hillary Lloyd. The subject of her work isn't something that really relates to mine. I'm more interested in how she shows her work and the use of multiple screens. The way I show my work is a big aspect of my work I think as it can change the experience of it dramatically. I think I am going to try out ,not necessarily showing 2 different films like she does with some of her work but making 2 more more videos that are to be shown together and work as one piece.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Triangle Show

So in the last week of the the second half of the year curated an exhibition in the triangle space of a current piece of work. We were split into three groups and given different sections to start with to make it more manageable. We arranged our work so  it worked well as an exhibition with other works around it but whilst still trying to find the best possible place for individual works.

I got to show my video (above) in a slightly darker area near a corner of the space, which I think worked well. I showed my video on a tv screen sat on a plinth. However this isn't the ideal way I would like to show my work. Ideally I would like to show it as an installation projected in a dark room with only this piece of work showing to create a more intense and confrontational experience. i think this would greatly effect the viewing of the work and it's intensity. So next time I show in this sort of setting I need to think of a better way to show it.

During the private view some people told me my video was horrible and not very nice to watch which actually was good to hear.

A couple of days later we had a group crit in the space. Due to there being so many people in the space we only got a brief over view of each work.


  • Someone felt it was more a comment on youtube and blogging culture which I hadn't even thought about. I think this was just due to the way parts of the documentary was filmed. I need to avoid it looking like this as I don't want to be making a comment on that. So I maybe need to be more selective with my footage next time as my other videos have never had that feedback.
  • Apparently it needs to be more universal so it effects everyone in the sameway, but I don't believe this should be the case and you can't expect everyone to feel the same about a piece of artwork or have the same reaction.
  • I have good starting ideas though and it is a powerful video
  • need to look at Ryan Tricarten and Low Provos.
  • People weren't sure why I put the bit with Will Ferrel in it. I mainly put this in, to add a bit more ridiculousness in it which reflects aspects of the disorder.

Philosophy Seminar

In one of my philosophy seminars we talked about the removal of the author and the audience after reading an essay by Derrider.

We looked at a piece of work where the artist (I can't remember his name) took one of those pianos that can record the movement of the keys and replay it or turn it into a sheet of music. The piano recorded the artist trying to learn a piece of existing piano composition. It then turned his attempts into a sheet of music. The artist then gave the sheet music to a professional pianist and got them to play it on the piano, the piano then recorded this. The end piece of work was the piano placed in a gallery replicating what the professional played.

In this work there seems to be multiple authors and we talked about if there was actually one ultimate author, was it the piano or the artist, whether its ok to have multiple authors, how this effects our viewing of the work and whether knowing the author is actually important to viewing a piece of work.

I took quite an interest in this due to the fact I use appropriated video footage and there is always the question of authorship in my work. Plus it is always a challenge I face to try and assert my authorship on my work rather than its still appearing to to have the original creators authorship. 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Paul Sharits

It was recommended that I look at Paul Sharits when I had my last tutorial.  His name didn't ring a bell but when I searched for his work and saw the name of this piece I instantly knew what is was. I had seen this video at the MOMA in New York two years ago and it was actually a piece that had a big impact on my and the only thing I still vividly remember from the gallery. I love the flashing colours, bright lights and noise, its hypnotic , it's all consuming as I couldn't take my eyes off it and a bit of a head fuck after you watch it for a while as it's quite a visual assault. 

Mini exhibition for group 2 'Cornered'

A few weeks a go my group , group 2, curated a little exhibition in our studio space the same night that some third years were showing some work in the triangle space. We exhibited current work we were developing. We met on the monday morning showed each other our works and talked together and decided who would have which jobs in the exhibition set up and where our work would look best, so it would work a a whole exhibition and not just singular pieces of work.

 Not many people came to visit our work despite our fliers but I think that was mainly due to the free bar downstairs. Even though there was a lack of audience I'm definitely glad we did it and thought it was a shame that the other groups didn't get involved. It made us communicate better as a group , test out how we could potentially show our work,  highlighted any issues with the display of our work  and gave us a bit of a practise for the triangle show which we had a couple of weeks later.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Essay tutorial

What are the aims, intentions and interests that you are exploring through your practice/ written work

  • In my essay I answered the question 'To what degree can the meaning or experience of a work of art be independent of context?'
  • I look at two at 2 exhibitions (Rasheed Johnson at the South London Gallery and Tom Friedman at the Stephen Friedman Gallery) to help answer this question. 
  • I found that the meaning and experience of work isn't generally that independent of context as there is always something that provides context that affects this.
  • In my work context is a big part of the work, especially social context and the institutional setting.

Issues in my practical/written work that you need to address and discuss in your tutorial.

  • Any issues with my essay, if there are any ways I could improve it or have gone about it in a better way.
  • Any reading or research I need to do.
  • how my essay applies to my work 
Agreed actions and feedback

This was slightly hindered by the fact I didn't bring my videos along which I didn't realise I was meant too.

  • Essay was written well however need to go into more depth of analysis of work.
  • Look at - Amelia Jones performance art,  Yvonne Rainer- looking myself in the mouth october journal, Patti Smith, Eleanor Antin, Adrian Piper, death of the author Roland Barthes, A very short introduction to post colonialism, Train, go to the Freud Museum. 

New video

Here's a new video I made since my last tutorial 

  • In this video I experimented more with using footage from multiple sources not just directly from documentaries about eating disorders. I tried to keep these still in keeping with the theme. 
  • I added more layers of sound. 
  • I also added a lot of flashing which was inspiration from looking at Paul Sharitz, to make it more visualising stimulating and bombarding.
  • Its not something that I'm really happy with as I think a lot more editing could have gone into to make it more effective but it's just something experimental really as before with videos I have only used clips from source and not had any other sound layers. 
  • I wanted to make this a bit more in your face than the last video as I felt that one was a bit more subdued. 
  • I don't necessarily think the footage used is right but it was good to try this out to see if it worked better than my previous videos on the west borough baptist church.
  • I wanted to make something a bit more complicated and complex and all over the place. I want the audience to feel bombarded all the time so theres no time to really think or contemplate while watching it. I think to achieve this I need to make this maybe a bit faster of pace with quick changes and always something engaging happening.