Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Mini exhibition for group 2 'Cornered'

A few weeks a go my group , group 2, curated a little exhibition in our studio space the same night that some third years were showing some work in the triangle space. We exhibited current work we were developing. We met on the monday morning showed each other our works and talked together and decided who would have which jobs in the exhibition set up and where our work would look best, so it would work a a whole exhibition and not just singular pieces of work.

 Not many people came to visit our work despite our fliers but I think that was mainly due to the free bar downstairs. Even though there was a lack of audience I'm definitely glad we did it and thought it was a shame that the other groups didn't get involved. It made us communicate better as a group , test out how we could potentially show our work,  highlighted any issues with the display of our work  and gave us a bit of a practise for the triangle show which we had a couple of weeks later.

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