Saturday, 22 December 2012

Philosophy Seminar

In one of my philosophy seminars we talked about the removal of the author and the audience after reading an essay by Derrider.

We looked at a piece of work where the artist (I can't remember his name) took one of those pianos that can record the movement of the keys and replay it or turn it into a sheet of music. The piano recorded the artist trying to learn a piece of existing piano composition. It then turned his attempts into a sheet of music. The artist then gave the sheet music to a professional pianist and got them to play it on the piano, the piano then recorded this. The end piece of work was the piano placed in a gallery replicating what the professional played.

In this work there seems to be multiple authors and we talked about if there was actually one ultimate author, was it the piano or the artist, whether its ok to have multiple authors, how this effects our viewing of the work and whether knowing the author is actually important to viewing a piece of work.

I took quite an interest in this due to the fact I use appropriated video footage and there is always the question of authorship in my work. Plus it is always a challenge I face to try and assert my authorship on my work rather than its still appearing to to have the original creators authorship. 

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