Sunday, 16 December 2012

New video

Here's a new video I made since my last tutorial 

  • In this video I experimented more with using footage from multiple sources not just directly from documentaries about eating disorders. I tried to keep these still in keeping with the theme. 
  • I added more layers of sound. 
  • I also added a lot of flashing which was inspiration from looking at Paul Sharitz, to make it more visualising stimulating and bombarding.
  • Its not something that I'm really happy with as I think a lot more editing could have gone into to make it more effective but it's just something experimental really as before with videos I have only used clips from source and not had any other sound layers. 
  • I wanted to make this a bit more in your face than the last video as I felt that one was a bit more subdued. 
  • I don't necessarily think the footage used is right but it was good to try this out to see if it worked better than my previous videos on the west borough baptist church.
  • I wanted to make something a bit more complicated and complex and all over the place. I want the audience to feel bombarded all the time so theres no time to really think or contemplate while watching it. I think to achieve this I need to make this maybe a bit faster of pace with quick changes and always something engaging happening.

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