Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Aims, intentions and interests I am exploring through my work

  • using appropriated images / footage based on eating disorders and the mental disturbances of it. particularly emphasising on footage found on rhodes farm.
  • using a lot of repetition and editing that reflects the obsessive, intense and psychotic tendencies of the illness.
  • something that impacts on the audience + makes their suffering come across.
Describe 3 issues in your practical work  you need to address and discuss in tutorial.

  • How am I going to show my work
  • How long should the video be and think about if the repetitive aspects mean if its ok for people no to see it in its entirety 
  • if I'm on track any thing else I need to think about

Agreed actions

  • Look into booking a project space to try out using a projector/installation 
  • look at lucy gunning - think about multiple screens 
  • look at hilary lloyd, sadie coles.
  • look at flicker films. old American / english film makers
  • Paul sharritz 
  • lux online - structural film making , peter gidall

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