Friday, 16 November 2012


I thought I had already posted this but I guess not. I had a tutorial with my tutor and showed her these videos from my foundation course and some text pieces.

Here I was looking at extreme religious cults who proclaim there beliefs and actions are a positive thing but they actually contradict this. I used a lot of repetition to emphasise aspects and due to the relentless repetition of their preachings.

Feed back for things a I need to look at and think about for progressing further.
  • Look into theory of repetition in art and videos and effects it can have on people.
  • Peter Osborne 
  • Get Art in Theory book and read up 

  • Artists to look at - Elizabeth Price - New user disco, John Baldessari, Bruce Nauman - get out of this room , get out of my head and On kawara 

  • Things to think about - what subject do I want to look at - extreme views/groups/situations, which have negative/controversial aspects in it.
  • is the imagery important or could I just have sound ?
  • how I want to show it. 

  • maybe look into something to do with the super natural exhibition. Extreme aspects of it. potentially contrast positive and negative aspects of enhancement. 
  • Need to make it personal in some way to me, a personal interest that I feel like I can comment on. 
  • Potentially could look into eating disorders or mental health issues - anorexia pushing human enhancement to extremes. I feel like I can comment on this due to my sister and mum suffering from it. 
  • could use documentaries from Rhodes farm where eve was in hospital for many months.
  • can carry on use of repetition, as it will reflect the, obsessive, psychotic and intense qualities and the illness and cognitive malfunctions. 

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