Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Cross year crit

I had a cross year crit the other, it was good to get input from another tutor and students in other years, however the group wasn't that big due to not many people turning up.

Some of the points that were made in the crit when I showed my video :

  • I need to think how the audience is going to view the video, what setting ? monitor, projection etc. 
  • how can I make sure that the piece is mine own work and it still not seem like the video has the authorship of the documentary maker
  • push what i'm doing don't be afraid to make a statement or to push it to its limits
  • explore with the subject 
  • its interesting how I'm using a documentary which tries to be truthful and make something objective and I'm using the footage to make a subjective comment 
  • maybe try using own footage/filming using actors
  • the video is powerful

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