Tuesday, 14 May 2013


What are the aims, intentions and interests that you are exploring through your practice/written work?

                Starting to use my own footage and editing that, concentrating on clips I have filmed around London. I want to maybe capture how it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, isolating, disorientating with so much going on , a bit of a sensory overload maybe.
                So I want to edit the footage I have filmed to emphasize some of these aspects. At the moment this Is all just very experimental and a way to test things out to figure out what I want to concentrate on
Describe three issues in your practical/written work that you need to address and discuss in your tutorial.

    I need to look at some sort of film theory/history – any suggestions.
    How far should I tae the editing?
    Assessment – do I need to put up any photos?
    Any suggestions for further subjects to base films on. 
Agreed Actions (to be completed during or after your tutorial)
·       Look at flicker films again – peter gidal structural film making.
·       Look at more books - materiality of film – expanded film making/ cinema
·       Think about domestic movement , fiction
·       Gregor Scheidner – art angel whitechapel art gallery
·       Psychoanalysis and art. Freud – beyond the pleasure principle.

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