Sunday, 12 May 2013

new work 2

This is the first kinda experimental video I have developed out of footage I took.

I layered sounds, layered duplicated footage, changed the brightness, contrast, increased the saturation and altered the speed.To try and heighten the disorientation, distortedness, alienation, overwhelmingness on the senses that I'm trying to show/emphasise.

Ideally I would like this to be played projected bigger so it was life size maybe with surrounding screens with projections on it and surround sound to encompass the audience. I would want it really loud so that it wouldn't be a pleasant experience for them and they wouldn't want to spend to much time with the piece. I think also the fact that the is no interaction

I think this is ok for a tester piece but I need to experiment with different footage and editing.

This is very different to my other pieces not just because I have filmed my own footage but because of the way it is filmed. The documentaries I have used the focus is on the person that is being interviewed and documented and the interviewer You are not really aware of the person behind the camera. However due to this being filmed in first person perspective, here you are very aware of the person behind the camera as it seems to be about the camera holder's/characters experience, its where they are looking at, what they are seeing. You get the camera shakes of them walking. Due to this, the audience more closely experiences the 'characters' experience, which is what I want.

Before I have dealt with quite hard hitting and serious issues but for these purposes I haven't, I wanted to start with something simple and see if I could create a similar effect to previous works.

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