Monday, 27 August 2012

Made In Chelsea

So my move is officially on the countdown. I am moving 3 weeks today into the hustle and bustle of the big smoke which is London. This time next week I will be in my university halls in Southwark having met some complete strangers who I am going to live for at least one academic year.

Then I will embark on my freshers week for my starting at Chelsea College of Art and Design where I will hopefully complete my BA in Fine Art. God help my body as I know it will have deal with being poisoned from the large amounts of alcohol consumed.

I am looking forward to embarking on a new life, experiencing new things and meeting inspirational people. However as the time draws nearer I am getting apprehensive about my move. I live in a tiny village in Yorkshire so my surroundings will be a big change as well as the pace of life. Further more there is the worry about the general unknown, will I like who I'm living with? Will I make friends? Will I enjoy my course? Will I like where I live ?

I know ultimately I will be fine and I will make it work for me whatever happens, I just can't help but feel slightly nervous about leaving my safety net.

Plus I am leaving behind people that I am going to miss very much, who I love very much. Although as I have their complete support it does make that slightly easier and I know someone special is going to make the effort to see me which I very much appreciate.

Anyway I will stop waffling and just let you know that the picture at the top is where I will be studying, very nice isn't it !!! 

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