Tuesday, 12 April 2011

To tattoo or not to tattoo

Some people seem to go out and get tattoos without really thinking about the consequences. As my 18th birthday is arriving next month I have been planning out my tattoo that I want to get. I have looked over the internet and some of the tattoos I have seen are truly awful and I know people will regret when they are older. Tattoos are very controversial, especially in my household, and can be seen as marks of the lower social class, criminals the uneducated. However I have now drawn mine and made sure that it is something meaningful and something that I won't regret when i'm older. 

My tattoo is going to be along these lines it has a lot of meaning to me me but i'm not quite sure if I have finished it yet but I have a while to finalise it.
What are your opinions on tattoos ?

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