Sunday, 24 July 2011

You Know I'm No Good

So after a wonderful trip to Italy I sit wearily in the car being driven home, and I all I hear on the news is death and destruction, the cruel attacks in Norway, a nurse being charged over 5 of her patients deaths and of course the, maybe not unexpected but definitely tragic, death of Amy Winehouse. I am not saying that her death is any more important than the ones mentioned before but hers is the one that saddened me the most. She was so talented yet so troubled, there was always some part of me that felt able to identify with her self destructive ways and when she was slated in the media for her problems I always just wanted to give her a huge hug as she was in such a dark place.
That may sound ridiculous as it's not even like I knew her (even though many people seem to think that they know celebrities just because they have seen them in the media and read interviews) and we don't even know if all that the media said was true, although pictures and that heartbreaking video of her erratic performance where she could hardly stand, as she seemed completely of her face are hard to argue with.

I don't think I can say any more which can add anything to this matter but I will leave you with this beautiful tribute Russell brand wrote for her. Maybe now she will be at peace.

click here to read it.

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