Thursday, 1 September 2011

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Today we welcome to the world, I'm not going to bother creating my own poor explanation of it so i will just copy and paste the beautiful words they use to describe themselves:
'One&Other is a media brand fit for the 21st century. Our platforms will be the home of local news, culture, and conversations that inspire and empower communities for good. Out goes the negative news agenda and in comes more considered reporting, reviews, and experiences, combined with the long-lost art of storytelling and beautiful design.  
Our York editions commence with, to be shortly followed by printed periodicals. We feel the region is being increasingly starved of balanced coverage, so we’re making it our mission to re-inject the relevance, intelligence, charm, beauty and purpose back into local media.
We also believe that local media have a responsibility beyond profit that needs to be protected, that is to serve, enlighten, empower and advance communities. For this to happen within One&Other, we are guided by three principles:
  1. That we must operate from within the communities that we serve
  2. That we must seek to employ local knowledge and talent wherever possible
  3. That all profits are reinvested into making us stronger and the creation of more social value
By setting up as a Community Interest Company (a form of Social Enterprise), we can control our own destiny and honour this commitment.
Beautiful I'm sure you will agree here are some pics of the site.Please take a peak at the website you won't regret it ! 

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