Thursday, 8 September 2011

Here's something tasty to chew on !

I discovered this artist a while ago but was reminded of him the other day and thought I must share him with you. Ben Wilson uses discarded chewing gum on the streets as his canvas on which he does these tiny, colourful paintings. I just love how he has taken something totally gross and made it into something beautiful. I have never seen any of them in real life but I can imagine if I saw one walking down the street that it would be like finding a little gem amongst the cold grey streets. Definitely a better way of dealing with chewing gum than having the government spend our taxes on removing the stuff.


  1. wondeful wonderful man! taking that which is disgarded and used beyond recognition, and making it beautiful...

  2. Okay, this is rather cool, I'm going to lie - but hygiene does play a factor in my mind. Your going to have to explain how this comes about when I next see you . . . does he physically touch the gum?
    The mind baffles !!