Saturday, 20 October 2012

Orienteering in London - The British Library

So next we got to The British Library down Euston Road. The building is situated right next to St Pancras and Kings Cross so has good transport links. Also Euston road is very busy has lots of traffic and buses down it and has lots of other attractions and shops which generates a lot of tourism and consumers. This makes the library location ideal due to the the close vicinity of other amenities and the vast amount of people within area which can possibly visit.

The building to me isn't one that is greatly attractive especially with St Pancras behind it , which greatly contrasts. Also I felt rather overwhelmed and intimidated due to the size of it, this feeling carried on inside.

The interior is modern and vast , I didn't really know where to start or where to go as  it wasn't very well sign posted.

I was surprised to find out that you had to be 18 to join the library which I thought was a bit exclusive. I didn't want to join as I thought my uni library provided what I needed and I just felt overwhelmed with the vastness of the place.

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