Sunday, 21 October 2012

Orienteering in London - Camden Arts Centre

 Third was Camden Arts Centre which is a space for contemporary art exhibitions and education.

The arts centre is situated in a beautiful old building with modern twists just off Finchley Road. We made a bit of an error on the way to here as we assumed that Camden arts centre would be close to Camden town , but we were so wrong it was quite a trek to get there. However we found out in was very close to Finchley tube stations so is actually easy to get to.

The inside was nice and welcoming, there was a cafe and everything was well sign posted so you knew where to go which is helpful. The spaces that the art was housed in were great , nice and light and spacious, so the work wasn't too cramped. The assistants in the rooms were also friendly and helpful and they more than willing to talk to you. 

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