Saturday, 23 February 2013

Tutorial - 11/02/13

What are the aims, intentions and interests that you are exploring through your practice/written work?

  •    something that impacts on and effects the audience the audience + makes their suffering come across.

  • using appropriated images / footage based on eating disorders and the mental disturbances of it. particularly emphasising on footage found on rhodes farm.

  •  Highlighting aspects of their illness or discomfort

  •  I want to make something unpleasant/ disconcerting/ attacking to watch and experience.

Describe three issues in your practical/written work that you need to address and discuss in your tutorial    
  •   Whether the topic of eating disorders is important to me and/or what im trying to achieve with my work
  • Booking out a project space – what I should show in it, how should I arrange it 
  •  Trying out multiple screens
Agreed Actions

  • monika oeschler - video
  • fat is a feminist issue - susie orback
  • book space - email ersan turk + katrine - look what space i want 
  • kutlug atsman - video installation 
  • julie kristeva - abject 
  • maria walsh 
  • make on footage ?

I showed this video as well which actually isnt finished 

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