Saturday, 23 February 2013

Hitachi consulting opportunity

A few weeks ago I went with a group of students for chelsea to Hitachi consulting's office at More London Riverside, which consist of some amazing modern architectural buildings by London and Tower bridge. 

We looked round the office and had a talk about the company and the opportunity we have to make some work for their offices. 

Things they want and points made - 

  • work to respond to the building/area/company/history or the way the space is used. 
  • has to be robust and be able to last a year. 
  • can't be to controversial 
  • would be good if it was a talking point.
  • reflect hitachi spirit and values
  • complements the surroundings

  • hitachi means sunrise - and the symbol is a combination of the chinese symbols for that
  • they aim to create a better society through technology as our society changes
  • they desire a reputation of being knowledgeable 
  • founded in 1910
  • 940 companies around the world  
  • hitachi consulting was born in america 

  • we have to make a proposal for our work that we would want to make for it and present it to hitachi
  • 8 people will be chosen 
  • given £250 to do the work

I have a meeting on monday to discuss our ideas we have as a group - need to think of something ! 

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