Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Repetition compulsion

So I was looking into the nature of compulsive and repetitive behaviour on the internet and I came across the term Repetition Compulsion which I found quite interesting.

It's a psychological phenomenon where a person repeats a traumatic event or circumstances over and over again. It includes reenacting the event or putting oneself in situations where the event is likely to happen again. It can also take the form of dreams and feelings of what happened are repeated.

The term also covers the repetition of behavioural life patterns. Freud says it describes the pattern whereby people endlessly repeat patterns of behaviours which were difficult or distressing in earlier life.

There is a lot more too this and the theory why people do it etc. but just this brief overview of it had aspects which I find really interesting in relation to making my art. I would kind of like to do this in a way in my videos with my use of repetition and reenact a traumatic event/situation/time and put that on the audience.

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