Monday, 22 August 2011

ooooooouchhhh my bum hurts.

Just to stop you panicking, don't worry I haven't been anally raped. 
But it was my first proper day at leeds college of art and I was made to sit on the hard floor for the whole day, as were told that we wouldn't have much furniture in the first few weeks as it allows for more flexibility. Then whilst sat on the comforts of a wooden floor, (me sat there praying not to be asked to get up as my legs had fallen asleep and I think the process of standing up at that point would have been some what embarrassing), we were made to do a friend version of speed dating, told various rules, given a run through of the timetable, signing paper work and then a tedious task of discussing what we expect from this course, teachers and fellow students.

However it was a fairly good first day, I met some nice new people and also very surprisingly an old friend which I hadn't seen in years after I had lost touch after she had moved to scotland, I'm still not sure if I dreamed that part or not. I guess I will find out tomorrow.

Also here are the things I attained today, a folder with various sheets of paper in, my student planner and my LCA student pass with a hideous picture of me on it. Wooop ! 

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  1. Congrats on your new courses ! Bring a pillow next time ;)
    Lovely blog, if you like mine too and follow it let me know cause I will surely follow yours
    back :-) Kisses

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