Saturday, 27 August 2011

recent pur-chases !

I have just indulged in a spot of internet shopping on ASOS,  with a 20% discount code - oh yeahhh - and here are my buys, i'm gonna look so badass at art college !

tattoo tights 

socks to wear like this with some bad ass brogues 

ear cuff, I thought why not I will give this a go

hardcore spike earrings yeahhh 

Monday, 22 August 2011

Erik Jerezano

Is it weird that I'm so drawn to these cave painting-esque works by Erik Jerezano. I love them and I only just stumbled upon them on that bad boy of a website check it out.

ooooooouchhhh my bum hurts.

Just to stop you panicking, don't worry I haven't been anally raped. 
But it was my first proper day at leeds college of art and I was made to sit on the hard floor for the whole day, as were told that we wouldn't have much furniture in the first few weeks as it allows for more flexibility. Then whilst sat on the comforts of a wooden floor, (me sat there praying not to be asked to get up as my legs had fallen asleep and I think the process of standing up at that point would have been some what embarrassing), we were made to do a friend version of speed dating, told various rules, given a run through of the timetable, signing paper work and then a tedious task of discussing what we expect from this course, teachers and fellow students.

However it was a fairly good first day, I met some nice new people and also very surprisingly an old friend which I hadn't seen in years after I had lost touch after she had moved to scotland, I'm still not sure if I dreamed that part or not. I guess I will find out tomorrow.

Also here are the things I attained today, a folder with various sheets of paper in, my student planner and my LCA student pass with a hideous picture of me on it. Wooop ! 

Saturday, 20 August 2011

A Levels, Leeds college of art, doodling and a nose piercing

Right so thursday was the day of my A-level results, I got A* A* B - pretty happy with that :) then I went out on the night and got suitably trolleyed all i really remember is kissing somebody in a super man suit, (rather hurt the nose as i have just had it pierced) so good night really. haha 
The day after I had to get my sorry hungover self over to leeds to enrol at leeds college of art. I then start properly on monday, so excited !! 

Also here are a couple of doodles I did recently,  sorry I haven't finished them I not very good at that. But I just thought I would wap them on here anyway.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

self portrait made of frozen blood anyone ?

Marc Quinn's self portrait is literally a portrait of him. 10 pints of his frozen blood in the shape of his face contained in a refrigerator unit to be precise. There are a few of these sculptures titled 'Self' and there are yet more to come as he intendeds to create a new one every 5 years to show the ageing/decaying of a human. I saw this in the national portrait gallery in London and I know its kinda gross but it is my favourite piece there and it just absolutely fascinates me.


 Here is the finished result, may look pretty standard to you but for me this is amazing. It's amazing how sorting through everything in your room and having everything neat and tidy can make you feel better in yourself.

Monday, 15 August 2011


Heres another bad boy of a shoot from Vice style by that babe Sofia Ajram, who I have done a previous post about. Can't beat a bit of witchery, magic and communication with the dead. 

Sunday, 14 August 2011


I never thought what started out as a general tidy of the old bedroom would turn out into a full blown clear out. I was originally just going to make my room just look presentable, but them I decided to go through all my belongings, in my chest of draws, my wardrobe, under my bed, my desk, my chest, my book shelves. God its been like sorting through my life. I told myself I am going to be ruthless, I have finished school, I am starting college next week (early I know ! stupid art foundation course), I am embarking on new adventures, so I need to get rid of any unnecessary baggage. These photos are mid way through sort out, it's bizarre that my room has got progressively messier the more 'tidying' I have done. Its unbelievable how much stuff I have thrown out , I definitely need to go shopping for some new clothing ! I just need some money now.  I will upload more photots of my bedroom when the renovation is complete.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

I love a good abstract portrait !

I soo hope these painting by Summer Wheat (what a name!) are super big. I could imagine staring at these amazing paintings all day long finding new things, new brush strokes, new colours constantly throughout my viewing period. I love the colours, the contrast in paint application, just YUM ! This would be the art I would have on wall if i had my way ! 

Starry, Starry Sky.

Hello check out this little babe of a photo shoot by Vice, I love anything with a dark, mystical, magical vibe. Stars are things to dream on.